Mage: Greywatch Chronicle

A Brief Summary Of Curious Events

And so it was that in the city of London there were three remarkable individuals of great ability and wildly disparate origins. A hapless orphan child, doomed to wander the streets on his own without guidance nor circumstance; a woman of great means and standing in society, yet seemingly trapped by those same devices into a life which so chafes; and a handsome and popular doctor who has given up his life of service to mankind to root out the secrets held tight by the nature of reality.

Each of these bright stars found themselves set apart from others by their own abilities, strange dreams, and intertwined fates. Each found themselves the subject of observations by a mysterious stranger, and finally they all met in a curiously abandoned house with a murder victim seated in his own death chair.

Following investigations of a kind, the local constabulary rounded up the good Doctor and Lady that they might aid the investigations, while the Boy wisely thought better of this and crept away with guile and verve. When taken to the Yard, the Lady negotiated their release, removing to her own home. There the three met once more, and the nature of their abilities began to come to light even if some denied it.

This happy circumstance was interrupted by the return of the Constables, this time to take the Lady and the Doctor to Newgate, where a grim fate awaited them. Following the threats of the Sherrif, the pair encountered a trio of curious Fae who drew them into their strange borderlands on the plains of madness.

By this time the Boy had made an attempt to release them, and so the three embarked on a grand adventure. Many adventures were had, and much peril was faced, and many curious creatures were discovered while the trio was through the looking glass. Eventually they met a kindly lady, who guided them away from the Hedge Maze of Madness with the admonition to not return lest a terrible fate await them.

So it was that the mysterious stranger was once more encountered, but what secrets might he hold?


+1 XP, and well earned!

A Brief Summary Of Curious Events
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