Mage: Greywatch Chronicle

A Very Strange Dream, Indeed...

A luminous starscape surrounds you. You are standing in the air, atop a transparent disc traced with a pentacle, glowing faint, blue-white. The disc forms the base of a cylindrical prism, whose sides are diaphanous light, scintillating pink and orange and blue. The top of the cylinder is open to the stars.

There are three other people standing on the disc, two beside you, one before. You cannot make out their features, but you feel glad of their presence. You know them, and trust them completely.

A warm breeze tugs at your hair.

You open your hand, and find something inside. It surprises you. It is not necessarily a familiar object, nor one of great personal significance. Yet you are startled to discover that, somehow, this object is a representation of your essence. It is your soul in trinket form.

What is the object?

The person standing before you – a man, you think – extends his hand. He is asking for the object. His tone is calm, but you sense that his need is urgent. Calmly, he asks again.

Do you give it to him?


Object: Bloody Knife

Give it to him?: Hell no!

A Very Strange Dream, Indeed...

Mildred >>

My object is a long blue ribbon, made for putting in one’s hair.

I will not give him the object.

A Very Strange Dream, Indeed...

A strange dream. Fingers opening like a flower seeking the dawn, in the cup of my hand rests a single human eye. This curious apparition turns toward me of its own accord, blinking once. As the gaze turns back to the man, it flies to the mysterious stranger, seemingly of its own accord.

A Very Strange Dream, Indeed...
HawkRose HawkRose

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