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From yesterday’s edition of The Greywatch Sentinel

Respected Government Functionary Murdered!

Archibald Leish, one of his Majesty’s Royal Tax Inspectors, was found dead this morning in his study. He was killed by a gunshot wound to the head, but authorities have not confirmed the death to be a suicide. Sources indicate possible foul play on the part of Dr. WIlliam Sykes, and his accomplice Mrs. Mildred Kottle. This reporter believes we may be seeing the messy end of a sordid love triangle. Mr. Leish is survived by his daughter, Lady Mary Pembrose. A wake for Mr. Leish will be held beginning tomorrow, June 28th through Sunday, June 30th. Funerals services July 1st.

Notorious Detective and Wealthy Heiress Jailed for Gruesome Murder!

Dr. William Sykes and Mrs. Mildred Kottle were held for questioning regarding the murder of Crown Tax Inspector Archibald Leish. As of this printing, Sykes and Kottle, believed to be illicit lovers, have led a jailbreak from Newgate Prison, and are at large in the city. Sources suggest that the paramorous renegades may have had an additional accomplice, but the identity of this person is shrouded in mystery.


I’d like to report a TYPO in this NEWSPAPER. My name is Mildred KABBLE


The editor appreciates your readership, Mrs. Kottle, but we do not resort to petty editorializing here. The facts are the thing, Mrs. Kottle, the facts!

HawkRose HawkRose

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