Mage: Greywatch Chronicle

A Crumpled Up Note, Placed in the Doorway of a one Hezekiah Morville, Dockside

My Dearest Hezekiah,

Something incredibly strange has happened and I feel as though I am losing all control. My life is spiraling wildly in front of me and I feel there’s nothing I can do. Do you remember what I told you weeks ago? About my strange dreams…when you said I had nothing to fear. Well, I fear the worst is coming true, and there’s nothing I can do to protect sweet Edwina, or even you, which I know you will resent me for saying. If you would do one thing for me…avoid me…do not contact me, at least for the next few weeks. And keep an eye on Edwina if you could. Orion is oblivious as usual, so I don’t fear any trouble from him. But please grant me this one favor…I do not know what I would do if harm were to come to you or Edwina.

Yours Forever,


HawkRose rkillax

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