The Corpse – Archibald Leish, a minor government functionary whose daughter, Mary, is married to Lord Ambrose Purcell.

Giles Purtnaub – Mildred’s butler. Is suspicious of her comings and goings at odd hours.

Captain Lestrade – Captain of the Penrose Police Division. Known to Skykes. Was manipulated by mind magic to arrest Mildred and Sykes.

Mitchell- Penrose police officer known to Isidore.

The Kabble House: Home of Orion and Mildred Kabble.

627 Mayfair Lane : The players find themselves inexplicably drawn to this modest Penrose abode, where a scene, curious and macabre, is laid before them. They find the corpse of Archibald Leish, who has apparently shot himself dead. A revolver lay on the floor beside Leash’s left hand, and blood was splattered on the wall to his right. However, Sykes noticed that there were no powder burns around the bullet wound, and the corpse was riddled with Death magic. Sykes also noted other kinds of magic used throughout the crime scene.

Found at 627 Mayfair Lane:
-Letters addressed to Archibald Leish, 414 Mayfair Lane, Penrose, Greywatch. Seen only by Mildred.
-A framed photo, turned facedown on the study desk, showing Leash and his daughter Mary. Mildred removed the photo from its frame, and carries it in her handbag.
- a photograph of Leish, found in a hidden desk compartment in the master bedroom. It shows the recently deceased man at what appears to be an opium orgy. Isidore pocketed this photograph. Sykes noted the empty hidden compartment that had contained it.
- a framed photograph on the wall of the upstairs guest room, depicting a young Leish in a bareknuckle boxing match. Seen only by Isidore.
- a bag of seeds on a table in the guest room. Seen only by Isidore.
- feathers on the floor of the guest room. Seen only by Isidore.
- Bound copies of Sandow’s Magazine of Physical Culture, vol. 6-10. Seen by Mildred.
- Two essays by Wagner, “Die kunst und die Revolution,” and “Das Kunstwerk der Zukunft” . Seen by Mildred.


Unravel the mystery surrounding Leish’s death, and clear your names.

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