Mage: Greywatch Chronicle

Journal Entry - Mildred Kabble

Dear Diary,

Just when I think my world can’t get any more turned around, the circumstances with my companions keep getting stranger. My meeting with Hezekiah did nothing to dispel his concern. In fact, I think it made things worse.

My companions and I went to the strange dead man’s wake. But I’m afraid it left us with more questions than answers. Which I sense is a theme in my adventures with my companions.

Who knows what tomorrow will hold.

Journal Entry - William Sykes

This will be brief.

My new companions are strange.

I have been cast from my home and office.

I live in the rooms of a strange shopkeeper.

I must have answers or run mad.

The answers must be there.

The madness awaits.

It already creeps in

The Chronicle of the Rise to Power of Isidore Ames, Part 1

The recent events in the life of Isidore Ames could be described as nothing so much as odd. The young street urchin, whilst going about the business that streets urchins go about, (that is to say, begging, stealing, information, and so forth), found himself drawn to Penrose, more specifically, a house. Upon infiltrating himself through a window, into the kitchen, the young buck made about as light-footedly as possible, eventually ascertaining that one room was possessed of a number of things of interest. Not things he could steal, but rather two men, one a corpse and one wizened.

After a spell, the city watch appeared, driving the young hero to the upper reaches of the house, whereby he concealed himself until such a time as he could effect his escape. The old man, and a lady who had arrived in the mean, were taken into custody by the constabulary. Unusually, he felt a pulling of the heartstrings at the thought of them rotting in the cesspool of the city jail and put into place a plan the result of which was to be their freedom.

Once Isidore had penetrated the rather feeble defenses of the city lockup, he was amazed to discover the very individuals he was seeking to liberate where making their own egress via some strange portal leading to unknown places. Without delay, he made to follow them.

After crossing the threshold, he found himself, along with what he supposed were his companions, in a strange garden that was unusually difficult to navigate. After encountering numerous residents of the garden, the details of which are omitted at present, young Isidore found himself in the back of a strange shop.

A Crumpled Up Note, Placed in the Doorway of a one Hezekiah Morville, Dockside

My Dearest Hezekiah,

Something incredibly strange has happened and I feel as though I am losing all control. My life is spiraling wildly in front of me and I feel there’s nothing I can do. Do you remember what I told you weeks ago? About my strange dreams…when you said I had nothing to fear. Well, I fear the worst is coming true, and there’s nothing I can do to protect sweet Edwina, or even you, which I know you will resent me for saying. If you would do one thing for me…avoid me…do not contact me, at least for the next few weeks. And keep an eye on Edwina if you could. Orion is oblivious as usual, so I don’t fear any trouble from him. But please grant me this one favor…I do not know what I would do if harm were to come to you or Edwina.

Yours Forever,


From yesterday’s edition of The Greywatch Sentinel

Respected Government Functionary Murdered!

Archibald Leish, one of his Majesty’s Royal Tax Inspectors, was found dead this morning in his study. He was killed by a gunshot wound to the head, but authorities have not confirmed the death to be a suicide. Sources indicate possible foul play on the part of Dr. WIlliam Sykes, and his accomplice Mrs. Mildred Kottle. This reporter believes we may be seeing the messy end of a sordid love triangle. Mr. Leish is survived by his daughter, Lady Mary Pembrose. A wake for Mr. Leish will be held beginning tomorrow, June 28th through Sunday, June 30th. Funerals services July 1st.

Notorious Detective and Wealthy Heiress Jailed for Gruesome Murder!

Dr. William Sykes and Mrs. Mildred Kottle were held for questioning regarding the murder of Crown Tax Inspector Archibald Leish. As of this printing, Sykes and Kottle, believed to be illicit lovers, have led a jailbreak from Newgate Prison, and are at large in the city. Sources suggest that the paramorous renegades may have had an additional accomplice, but the identity of this person is shrouded in mystery.

A Brief Summary Of Curious Events

And so it was that in the city of London there were three remarkable individuals of great ability and wildly disparate origins. A hapless orphan child, doomed to wander the streets on his own without guidance nor circumstance; a woman of great means and standing in society, yet seemingly trapped by those same devices into a life which so chafes; and a handsome and popular doctor who has given up his life of service to mankind to root out the secrets held tight by the nature of reality.

Each of these bright stars found themselves set apart from others by their own abilities, strange dreams, and intertwined fates. Each found themselves the subject of observations by a mysterious stranger, and finally they all met in a curiously abandoned house with a murder victim seated in his own death chair.

Following investigations of a kind, the local constabulary rounded up the good Doctor and Lady that they might aid the investigations, while the Boy wisely thought better of this and crept away with guile and verve. When taken to the Yard, the Lady negotiated their release, removing to her own home. There the three met once more, and the nature of their abilities began to come to light even if some denied it.

This happy circumstance was interrupted by the return of the Constables, this time to take the Lady and the Doctor to Newgate, where a grim fate awaited them. Following the threats of the Sherrif, the pair encountered a trio of curious Fae who drew them into their strange borderlands on the plains of madness.

By this time the Boy had made an attempt to release them, and so the three embarked on a grand adventure. Many adventures were had, and much peril was faced, and many curious creatures were discovered while the trio was through the looking glass. Eventually they met a kindly lady, who guided them away from the Hedge Maze of Madness with the admonition to not return lest a terrible fate await them.

So it was that the mysterious stranger was once more encountered, but what secrets might he hold?

A Very Strange Dream, Indeed...

A luminous starscape surrounds you. You are standing in the air, atop a transparent disc traced with a pentacle, glowing faint, blue-white. The disc forms the base of a cylindrical prism, whose sides are diaphanous light, scintillating pink and orange and blue. The top of the cylinder is open to the stars.

There are three other people standing on the disc, two beside you, one before. You cannot make out their features, but you feel glad of their presence. You know them, and trust them completely.

A warm breeze tugs at your hair.

You open your hand, and find something inside. It surprises you. It is not necessarily a familiar object, nor one of great personal significance. Yet you are startled to discover that, somehow, this object is a representation of your essence. It is your soul in trinket form.

What is the object?

The person standing before you – a man, you think – extends his hand. He is asking for the object. His tone is calm, but you sense that his need is urgent. Calmly, he asks again.

Do you give it to him?


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