Faerie Realm

The Pardoner – A very strange and powerful creature who lives in a tall blue tower on the far side of The Hedge. 7 feet tall. Wears a baby blue suit with a glowing yellow tie. Possesses dubious powers of absolution.

Jimbo – The Pardoner’s henchman. In charge of recording sins and distributing forgiveness.

The Hedge Witch – Well dressed young woman with billowing red hair. Said to Isidore, “You are like me.” Helped the party to escape the Hedge.

The Hedge – strange warped maze of vines that tear at the souls of those who pass through it.

The Pardoner’s Tower – blue skyscraper that spirals into the stratosphere.

The Silver Arch – Gateway leading from the Hedge to an Antique Shop in Ambling.

Faerie Food – According to Sykes, not fit for human consumption.

Thorn Wolf – frightening monstrosity that lives in The Hedge. Did a number on Sykes.


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Faerie Realm

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