Highlight Reel

This section is reserved for us to write down stuff from the game that we most liked, or thought was awesome, or funny.

Session 1:
Sykes attempting to find the stately gentleman using Matter and footprints. I thought you were one deductive step away from doing something truly spectacular. Glad you got me on my toes from go.

“I’M A MAGE!” aaaaaaand inner conflict resolved! This is still my favorite.

Isidore successfully manipulating the Pardoner’s emotions. You put yourself on a very short list, Chip.

Isidore pocketing the dirty picture. ’Cause teenagers, right?

Mildred proper-ladying her way out of jail, such that she could chaperone her escort back to her house.

Sykes giving into his Pride to wallop a thorn wolf. Two punches thrown in this session, each to great effect.

Highlight Reel

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