The Sheriff – A man with horrific scars all over his face. Oversees Newgate Prison. Offered a plea bargain to Sykes and Mildred. A “strange” person.

The Blonde Man – a well-dressed gentleman, who appeared briefly in the prison, took note of Sykes and Mildred, and left. A “strange” person.

The Elfin Youth- Fae in the form of a young boy. Escaped Newgate Prison with the Old Man, and the Morose Brute.

The Old Man – Fae in the form of an old man. Used Faerie magic to escape Newgate Prison.

The Morose Brute- Fae in the form of a fat, burly man. Escaped Newgate Prison with the Elfin Youth and the Old Man.

Newgate Prison – Sykes and Mildred were held here briefly to await trial for the murder of Archibald Leish.

Sykes’s Apartment- currently watched by the police. Sykes’s sister, who rented the apartment for him, has changed the locks.


Accept the Sheriff’s offer of indentured servitude in exchange for your freedom.

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