The Journal of Dr. William Sykes

Below are the thoughts of one man, trapped between worlds and caught in the vice of madness.

Session One – Fated Meetings

I encountered two others today, those who were Awakened as I am. I do not know what to make of this. I must do more research. Also, I was nearly killed by a strange Fae beast. Happily, good British courage drove the monster off, saving the life of myself, a woman, and a child. Yet that trip through the strange realm of the Fae, however brief it was, changed me. I must know more, I must find more out. Every secret I uncover seems to find more mysteries, a chaotic mixture of awe and wonder.

What will it all portend? I do not know. I must learn more. Only in knowledge is our fate assured. Even now I can feel the weight of it pressing down.

The Journal of Dr. William Sykes

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